Vopak 400 years

  • Services

    Project management of creative design

  • Client

    Co Solo

  • Date
    September 2016
  • Location

    Rotterdam AHOY - The Netherlands

  • Set design

    Bart van Rooij - Big Vis

  • Light design

    Sander den Otter - T-minus Design

  • Audio design

    Raymond Bancken - Peitsman

  • Content design

    Ad de Haan - Live Legends

In 2016, VOPAK celebrated its 400th anniversary with a major event in Rotterdam Ahoy. Our client Co Solo had a number of fixed elements that had to be a part of the concept. These included a large oil storage facility, a water screen and a ship from the time of the company’s origins. All these elements were integrated into an impressive design, in which video, water, light and decor complemented each other in order to create a spectacular opening show and party setting at night.