The Netherlands Military Tattoo

  • Services

    Project management of creative design

  • Client

    Nationale Taptoe Nederland

  • Date
    September 2019
  • Location

    Rotterdam Ahoy - The Netherlands

  • Set design

    Jeroen van der Velden - Light Image

  • Light design

    Renzo Hagel - Light Image

  • Content design

    Jeroen van der Velden - Light Image

In 2018, the National Tattoo was ready for the renewal of its decor and production. We were asked to think along. The goal was to upgrade not only the setting but also the show and bring them to a higher level while also increasing the appeal for a wider and younger audience. By stepping away from a static decor and working with a large LED canvas, the decor is now more varied and dynamic. By using video, the setting could be made darker to create a small intimate setting or create a spectacle during one of the various international performances. The renewal of the design did not go unnoticed and, in addition to the favorable reviews, ticket sales for the event increased and the target group rejuvenated.