• Services

    Project management of creative design

  • Client


  • Date
    June 2019
  • Location

    Copenhagen - Denmark

  • Set design

    Mark van Loenhout - Unlimited Creatives

  • Light design

    Kevin de Been - Equinoxe Lighting
    Tom Spaan - StoreQ

  • Audio design

    Pieter Doms - Noizboyz

  • Content design

    Jente Kuyps - Native Video

For the fifth year in a row, we’ve been asked to manage the creative process for the Magicbox area at Tinderbox festival. The scope of work included: lighting design / set design / and audio design for both the site and the stage. The visuals for the promotion on the social channels have also been included in this process in order to connect with the thematic process in the preliminary phase. In addition, music intro’s (for artists) and custom content have been provided for the three show days, to optimize the total experience.