Google Thought Leadership event

  • Services

    Project management of creative design

  • Client

    Bureau voor Reuring

  • Date
    November 2019
  • Location

    Amsterdam - The Netherlands

  • Set design

    Mark van Loenhout - Unlimited Creatives

  • Light design

    Bram van Gelen - Apexx

  • Audio design

    Alons Audio - Ferry Alons

Bureau voor Reuring asked us to provide the design based on the distinct event branding for this event. The concept of transformation is central to this event, which is symbolized by a transformation in origami from a butterfly to a bird into a modern aircraft. As a basis for the design, we used a neutral white color in combination with a large amount of wood, which is accentuated with the accent colors from Google. The client’s wish was to split the elongated space into two different parts. A reception room is separated from the plenary room by means of an interactive room divider, of which the doors were opened at the start of the plenary session. In this way a surprise element was created and the stream of the visitors could be controlled.